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Nutrition and Beauty

Written by Shailja Singh


Posted on March 28 2024

Wondering what is the topic of nutrition doing on the website of clothing? Well, that would be a logical question. Ayurvastram literally means Clothes that Infuse Life! We love to celebrate life. We have always been all about a beautiful lifestyle, and health has always been the biggest part of beauty. Beautiful nature friendly clothes, hand embroidered with love, are meant to last long and to enhance the beauty of the wearer. A healthy lifestyle helps maintain that beauty. 

There are a few things that all of us can do to maintain a healthy and joyous lifestyle.


I know routine is so boring. But our bodies crave it. A set time to sleep and rise always helps. Happy well rested body means happy mind and a glowing skin. A set time to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner regulates your body rhythm and destresses the body.


Coming to nutrition, if we can follow some age-old rules, we are set to go!

Cook your food

Research has shown that poorer women who did not have money to eat out and therefore had to cook at home every day were far more healthy that the “rich” women who always had extra money to spend and therefore would not cook! Well, rich or poor, we cook our own food. That means buying your produce and cooking for yourself and the family. I know, today’s busy lifestyle makes it so hard.  But if we value the health for ourselves and our families and want that glow on the faces, we will make this our priority. Eating home cooked simple meals most of the days is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and our future generations.


Broad Spectrum Nutrition

Long time back I read a book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. The crux of the book was that it is not that French eat less food than Americans, yet it is Americans who are obese. The core reason is not how much but “what”. French eat wholesome and a wide variety of foods. American diet would tend to center on let’s say meat. What happens is that eating huge portions of same food leaves out nutrition that only eating a variety of food can provide. Then our stomach may feel full but our body remains hungry. And that hunger sends a distress signal to the brain that there is an emergency. The brain tells the body to store fat to cope with the “emergency”. Therefore, a good mix of meat, carbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy make the body happy. A well fed body will be a healthy body and lead to a happy mind and true beauty.



Food Quality

Our groceries do not need to be expensive, yet a slight adjustment in what we buy will make all the difference. For eg make sure to include only whole grains in your diet. Buy 100% whole grain bread or better still make one yourself! Any processed food or ready to eat food you bring from supermarket shelves will never carry same benefits as what you make at home. The seller is always more interested in selling “tasty” products than your health. There the motive is profit, not your health. Include a variety of whole grains, not just wheat in your diet. My favorite grains are a range of millets. They are the superfoods our forefathers used to stay very fit. Other grains to include are quinoa, sorghum, barley, oats, wild rice and more. If one can afford organic food, that should always be the option. If not, don’t lose heart. One can still eat healthy. Buy your produce fresh, wash your vegetables very thoroughly and same for your whole grains. Soak your grains for a few hours before you cook them. Learn how to pair them with right foods to get the best nutrition. There are many good sites that offer great recipes for these healthy foods. Once you embark on this journey, you will find your right zone.

Our body is our temple and caring for the same would nourish our souls too! A healthy nutritious diet is the key to a happy successful life. We love our customers and looove their glowing faces! Thank you so much for reading and being part of our community!



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