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Pure Cashmere Scarf/Wrap

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Color: Black


  • 100% Cashmere
  • Size: 28in X 78 in
  • Dry Clean, or Handwash in Cold Water, Lay Flat to dry. With a little care, your cashmere will last you for years!
  • Soft and warm, and drapes extremely well. These scarves look very sophisticated and chic.
  • This scarf is the original product of Kashmir, India. Please do note that this scarf is made of very fine wool fiber from the Kashmir goat, Chyangra. It cannot be spun by machines, so this wool is hand woven into light weight fine scarves. These scarves are rather open weave, gauzy scarves, as the fiber cannot tolerate high tension. The test for this scarf is NOT its thickness, but its quality, its lightweight and its warmth.
  • Cashmere and real "Pashmina" from Kashmir do not come in thicker fabrics. It is always gauzy and light weight, and very warm. It is these properties that have made it famous and coveted.

100% pure wool cashmere from Kashmir, India. Great quality super soft 3-ply cashmere made on handloom. A Perfect and Valuable Gift for everyone, during Holidays and for any Special Occasion! A wonderful accessory for a very chic look.

Real cashmere is basically the finest quality of pure wool. It is also the warmest because of the intrinsic structure of its fiber. Therefore, it may appear fine and delicate, but would be very warm. For ages, the real cashmere has been the hallmark of sophistication and beauty. This scarf has been hand woven on a handloom, and then hand dyed in the valley of Kashmir in India. The yarn is so soft, that generally the ends of the scarf cannot be made into tassles. If you see scarves that claim to be high quality cashmere or pashmina, and they have twisted tassles at the end, those are not real/pure cashmere scarves. Because it is so delicate, normally no tag is put on it, as it may spoil the fabric.